Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

~~Happy Halloween~~
We bought Em a nice warm Halloween costume--and it's supposed to be 71 today!! Silly weather. Oh well--she's still cute! I also have a fabulous Halloween card that Chuck made that I will share with you if I can ever get it off Chuck's computer :)
Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And now we have a rash....

Will the excitement ever end? Friday night while we were pajaming Em she had a bunch of little bumps on her....we thought they were bug bites and went on with life. Well as the weekend has gone on they've multiplied/gotten bigger and just all around ickier. Well today I called my mom to tell her we were going to take her to the dr. in the morning and set up babysitting plans and she freaked out...our two thoughts were reaction to amoxicillan or chicken pox....well she wanted me to take her to the ER immediately, I convinced her to let me call the on call service first--so we did, dr. thinks it is an amoxicillan rash, which is apparently not the same as an allergic reaction--and he said to bring her in in the morning to confirm it. So that's the plan. The interesting thing about this whole story, was my mom freak out--you see, my mom never freaked out when we were sick--we had to be dying to stay home from school--let alone go to a dr. The long running story is when Martha fell off the swing set and broke her arm, and my mom told her to take a nap and it would feel better after the nap. So to hear her freak out about a rash was just very surreal. But like Martha said--everything changed once Emily showed up.....for the better of course :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amazing 2 weeks....

In the past 2 weeks Em has become a superstar--here is a snapshot of what we have done-
*Finally diagnosed with ear infection after 7 drs. and 5 sleepless nights--started pink medicine and feeling much better!
*1st tooth came through
*Started crawling for real--when I want to
*Can go from laying to sitting on my own
*Can pull up to standing
*Have started babbling with vowels (ba, da, ga)
*Went to my 1st sr. high YAR

Needless to say it's been an amazing couple of weeks--our lil girl is growing up!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Em's 1st trip to Ohio.....

Get ready--this will be a long one.....

Friday (day 1) We left home shortly after 4, pretty much on time and started driving, and driving, and driving....we stopped in Champaign for dinner and Em hung out on a blanket for about 10 min out of the car, before we headed on. I guess before I go on, I should explain what our travel looked like--we were in the neon-Emily, Chuck, me and Keeno (the dog). Emily and Keeno were in the back--Keeno not a big fan of sharing but making due. Chuck rode in the back for a while with Keeno in front so that Em could have some company. Em did really well until shortly before Cincinatti (we were pushing midnight by then) so I went into the back and Keeno joined us--it was definitely cozy! We got to Wilmington shortly after 1 a.m. and Em was wide awake and so ready to go! So we played for a while and finally went to bed around 2 a.m.

Saturday (day 2)-We were woken up by the puppies who were dying to play (my aunt and uncle have 2 black labs as well) much earlier than we intended. Got up, had breakfast, sent the boys on their way to the OSU game. We then headed out for our adventures. We hit the book sale at the library, the pumpkin patch and the outlet mall. Lots of fun had by all. Emily's Halloween costume was purchased-much to Chuck's dissapointment it wasn't a ninja...but even he admitted, way cuter! We headed Em and spent several hours vegging on the couch watching tivo'd shows. Em napped a little, but not nearly enough....made yummy camping goop for dinner and hung out some more. Shortly before the boys got home (about 8:45) Em woke up screaming--in a way she has never screamed before--it took about 30 min. to get her calmed down, and we decided to go see if the urgent care clinic was open--thinking it was an ear infection that had her upset. Urgent care was closed, so we went to Kroger and stocked up on tylenol, baby orajel (in case it was teething) a thermometer and some teething toys. We went home, gave her some tylenol and she seemed better. Played a little bit and headed back to bed. About 1 a.m. she woke up screaming again, so we decided to take her to the ER to try and get some antibiotics since we were still thinking ear infection. The dr at the ER checks her ears and says they look fine and he was kind of stumped. He decided that he thought it was intersuseption, a weird bowel issue, but said they couldn't do anything for us and sent us to the children's hospital in Cincinatti (1 hour away). So we gathered the diaper bag, told Uncle Mike where were headed and left (now about 3 a.m.). We get to Children's hopsital, checked in, see a nurse, a resident, a dr. in the matter of about 3 hours. Dr. 2 says she will order u/s to check the the meantime there is a shift change....we go back for x ray and u/s (now about 7 a.m.) and back to the room to wait. At this point we were told about 30 min to read the u/s. Em has slept on and off and seems to be doing much better. The problem with intersuseption is that you have to check it in the "attack" and now that it's been several hours, we're convinced they won't see anything anyway. 9 o'clock comes and new resident comes in, says u/s was negative and they'll work on getting us out of there. 9:30 comes and goes--10 a.m. dr #4 comes in and verifies u/s was negative and he'll get our discharge paper in about 10 min. 35 min later we are discharged to go home! What a night!!!

Sunday (day 3)-Get back to the house, eat brunch and everyone naps for a while. We had originally planned on going to the Renaissance Festival but that plan was nixed early on and changed to the saurakrat festival....we were going to nap for an hour or so and head out....well 3 hours later when we woke up from our naps, we decided to stay and veg instead. So we did. Mike made a fire in the pit, we grilled pork burgers and had a fabulous evening hanging out. Em spent oodles of time sleeping which seemed to do her quite a bit of good. We stayed up later than we should have and all crashed.

Monday (day 4)-everyone (including the dogs) slept in and it was fabulous! We had one of my favorite breakfasts of scrambled eggs and cinammon rolls before packing up to leave. We drove, and drove, and drove and finally got home about 7 tonight...

Even with the trip to the ER it was a fabulous weekend that we are hoping to make a yearly tradition (minus the ER trip!) Without further ado....the pictures!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The day the camera died.....

Well Chuck gets his wish--we will be replacing my beloved sony cybershot.....last night Emily was taking a bath in her brand new ducky bathtub, and the cybershot wouldn't turn on :( It's been finicky for a while now, and apparently it's done. So now we have a week to find a new camera before we go to Ohio......

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Then and Now.....

As many of you may remember--a mere 8 months ago we took several pictures of Emily in an adorable striped jumper with matching hat. Well, here she is, in the same adorable striped jumper, minus the hat.....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cubs game....

I just finished posting about the Cubs and cheering them on--I think the Dodgers have scored 2 runs in the time it took me to make the post--Emily just turned off the tv....clearly we know how she feels about things!

Go Cubs Go!!

It's Oct. and we are still playing--Em is doing her best to cheer them on--but so far they aren't giving us much to cheer about! Aunt Martha--how could you even suggest disowning a gorgous face like this :)