Friday, September 25, 2009

It has been a while

School has started and life has gotten busy again! Emily has learned 2 new tricks this week that I wanted to share before I forget how fun they are. She has learned how to put silverware from the dishwasher into the correct drawer. While this was very cute to begin with, it is turning into a problem as well. Because, not only does she put the clean silverware in the drawer, she also puts dirty silverware in, as well as anything else you ask her to put away, including an empty yogurt container, sippy cup lids, a pan lid, etc. So opening the silverware drawer is always a surprise now!
Her other new trick is to ask for a cracker, show Keeno the cracker, and then run around the house with the cracker so that Keeno will chase her. She enjoys this very much and laughs hysterically the whole time! It's really great fun, until Keeno catches her and takes her cracker.
We go to Dr. J on Thursday to check on speech, it's still not progressing like I would like it to, but we'll see what he says. We'll update after her appt. with any news!