Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer wrap up

Summer is officially coming to an end, I go back to work tomorrow and the girls both start in new classes on Monday. My dear lil sis reminded me that I haven't blogged lately so I figured now is as good of time as any to wrap up our summer adventures. So, in no particular order--here goes!

4th of July in Indiana--we hadn't seen Nai and Pop in a really long time and figured 4th of July would be the perfect time to go visit. We also go to see Jen and Mike as well as Hildy, Lilia and Jenna. The highlights of Indiana on the 4th include Lake Michigan and lots of fireworks! Here are some pictures of our fun there!

Emily went on a walk with Aunt Hildy to the beach....she assured us she would stay out of the water so she didn't have a suit on....silly us!
One of Emily's favorite lake activities is being thrown in the water, that was until she discovered she could "throw" daddy in the water instead! Emily also "swam" out to the buoy (see it way out there) with Jen, Lilia and I several times and thought she was pretty hot stuff each time!
Aunt Jen reading one of her favorite books to Emily!
This isn't a great picture of Lilia and Payton but I love it, because I have a very similar picture of Lilia and I when Lilia was just about Payton's size.
Payton at the beach. She enjoyed the water, but was equally happy simply sitting on the sand playing.
Payton after lunch on our last day there....clearly she had more than enough fun!
Lil miss Sassy pants!
The girls watching fireworks on the beach. I think Em would have stayed up all night long watching them if we had let her!

Shortly after 4th of July we went to St. Louis to visit Martha and Nick. Our typical St. Louis adventure includes the zoo, we also went swimming at a river, played at Toddler time at their church, and ate some fabulous bbq and ice cream.
Nick and Em hanging out!
One of our favorite part of the zoos is the penguins. We usually try and get a picture instead with the penguins, however this was our last stop of the day and we were getting cranky so we didn't get one.
Both girls loved the carousal ride!
Payton has recently discovered her love of ice cubes so I had been putting them on her stroller chair. As they melted she would try and lick the water off the tray!
Family picture with the penguins!

Emily sitting on the pincher bug...this was especially exciting for her because her and her classmates are all about bugs right now!
This was the sign at the river we went swimming at. Yep...we went swimming in a deadly river!

Payton also got her first experience with sweet corn. Needless to say it was a huge hit!

A week later we went up to the QC for my cousin's wedding. The wedding was beautiful, but Em's favorite part was the dancing at the reception. Unfortunately dancing didn't start until WAY after bedtime, so we didn't get to do much of it, but enjoyed a little. The next day we met mom, dad, Mar and Nick at Iowa Machine Shed for brunch, and went on a tractor ride. We then headed to John Deere Commons for kids day and had fun riding and climbing tractors and doing lots of other farm related activities.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our final summer adventure

I'm about a month behind in my blogging, and have several summer adventures I need to catch up on, but today was our final adventure and I have pictures uploaded and a free 5 min so I figured I'd get them up before I don't have free time again.

Our final adventure was a new one for all of us. Chuck's Aunt Karen and Uncle Doug live in Oak Run, a nice little community that has a fabulous lake included. We've talked several times about visiting and going out and just never seem to make it. Boy are we glad we finally got it set up!
The morning started with a visit to The Oaks Community Church. This church is special for us because Chuck's 1st Pastor, Marty, is now the pastor there. Marty is the pastor that did our wedding and has been a mentor to Chuck so it's always nice to go and visit.

We then headed to the lake with Karen, Doug, Gma and Gpa Hilman. A little side note, we've been planning this adventure most of the summer. Uncle Doug had to be in Canada for work a good chunk of the summer so this weekend was chosen. Those of you that live in IL know that this summer has been ridiculously hot and dry, of course the day we want it to be hot and dry it is a mere 75. Fortunately the rain held off till we were done playing on the lake! Regardless of the temperature, Em was super duper excited and couldn't wait to get into the boat. Doug took us out into a cove, we enjoyed a nice picnic and then the real fun began.

                                    On the way out to the cove. Em was loving being able to balance herself          and attempt to rock the boat.
 Payton enjoying some lunch.
 All of us in the water. Em was in heaven, Payton couldn't decide if she liked it or not.
One happy little girl!
 Because the day was chilly, P didn't stay in long and had just as much fun watching Em and Chuck jump of the boat.
Check out those blue lips! All the while asking when she could get back in!
On the way back to the Marina Uncle Doug let Em drive the boat. She drove us in a circle and then parked the boat with only a little help!