Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Emily was full of good quotes tonight--I told Chuck I needed to record them for future embarrassing moments! We drove out to Living Springs for a meeting so she got to spend 2 hours playing at her most favorite camp...as soon as we walked in the Lodge she asked which room we were sleeping in tonight!

Driving home she asked me to look at something and I told her I couldn't because I had to watch the road-the following conversation ensued-
Em-Why do you have to watch the road?
Me-In case a deer runs in the road.
Em-Or a pincher bug!
Me-That's right.
Em-Or a giraffe.
Me-Yep a giraffe would be bad as well.
This continued through cow, horse and bat, when we decided a bat wouldn't be bad, cause it can fly.

Then this next conversation occured-
Em-Mommy--handsome is for boys and pretty is for girls.
Me-That's right--where did you learn that?
Em-In the snack room.
Me-Really?? Who taught you that in the snack room?
Em-Blaine and Jordan-Blaine is handsome, but Jordan is pretty. Cause boys are handsome and girls are pretty.
Me-What about Ella and Nina?
Em-They are pretty, but I don't want to talk about the girls, let's talk about the boys.

At which point Chuck went into daddy mode and ending any further conversation about boys until she is 25!

It was quite a night!!