Saturday, March 29, 2014

Emily's 6th Birthday

It's official, I'm a failed blogger--but hopefully I can at least keep up with birthday posts if nothing else! Emily's 6th birthday was exactly 2 months ago, so I'm only a little behind on this post :)

What was your favorite birthday present? Princess Sophia stuff
 What is the last thing you were sad about? Getting knocked into the baby stuff (??)
 What makes you really happy? Playing hide and seek
What are your thoughts about God? He makes you special
 What is your favorite thing to do? Play with Nina, Jordan, Grace and Greg at Bonkers
 What big kid thing would you like to learn to do? Play at school
 What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up? Ballerina
 Who is the last person you kissed? Payton

And some memories from your party-
Emily wanted a party at Bonkers (Ball pit play place), so we invited just a few friends to come and play. Greg, Nina, Grace and Grace's brother Isaac all came to play. Grandma and Papa Leader also came to help out. We had pizza and cupcakes and  you had a great time playing the games and playing in the ball pit.

Your actual birthday was on Wednesday so we celebrated with our church friends at Faith Encounter. Everyone sang to you! You wore your new Emily shirt to school and took rice krispy treats with chocolate and sprinkles to school. You also got to be star student at school for the whole week! Martha and Nick bought you tickets to see Sophia ad Jake live in St. Louis in Feb. 

Some other fun facts about Emily right now--
You are in kindergarten and are loving it! Your favorite thing to do at school is eat lunch. You have also become quite a good little reader. Writing isn't your favorite thing to do, but you are getting much better at it and can write sentences. You currently love playing on the ipad and playing outside on the swing set. You are a great helper and love to help mommy cook in the kitchen. You like being able to pick out your own clothes, even if they don't match :)

Some of your current favorites-
Color-pink and purple
TV show-Dora
Best friend-Miley and Nina
Book-Lego books
Thing to do outside-sliding and monkey bars
Things to do inside-play in the big kid room at Wesley