Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big night

At 6m 3w old Emily slept in her crib overnight for the 1st time last night! It was very exciting, she is now such a big girl! Granted she's been napping in there for months, and sleeping through the night even longer--but it still seems like such a big step. Suppose it's time to turn the pack and play into a playpen now......

Monday, August 18, 2008

Too much gymnastics??

Apparently we have been watching too much gymnastics--Emily has decided she is in training. Or she is just showing off her flexibility. She spent about 1/2 hour sleeping in this position in Chuck's office on Sunday.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sippy cup intro.....

We tried the sippy cup this morning with breakfast--I put water in it, so as not to waste any valuable breast milk---I think the pictures pretty well tell how she felt about it--

Monday, August 11, 2008


This post isn't really about Emily, but she was there--so I guess you could say it was an experience for her...not one that she will likely remember. For those of you that don't know the history, my gma Leader is 95 years old, and last month after a week of really icky sickness had to move to the nursing home. Saturday afternoon my mom called me to say that her and my Aunt M were over at gma's house, cleaning out the attic. Now, I know from stories that the attic is probably crammed full of treasures and what not, gma had lived in the house for 50 years, and grew up in a world where throwing things away wasn't an option, "because we might need that someday". (Unfortunately Chuck will tell you, I have a little bit of that gene!) So I was intrigued as to what they would find, Emily and I packed up her stuff and headed over to the house. I am so glad I did. We found treasure upon treasure and Aunt M was able to tell me stories I had never heard about gma.

For example, we found several notebooks from when she was in nursing school (circa 1930) one of which was notes from a music class, I learned gma had once played piano.

I knew that in my lifetime gma had never driven a car, so I asked Aunt M if she had ever driven....nope....when she was growing up Uncle D learned to drive 1st, so was given the job of driving her and her sisters, then she would take the train or bus wherever she needed to go. Can you imagine.....never ever driving a car?

We found the Leader family Bible, it had belonged to Thomas Leader, who was LC's dad, who was Lestor's dad, who was my gpa.

We found boxes and boxes of letters, some of which were postmarked as long ago as 1930....I can't wait to read through them and see the stories they tell. Hopefully someone will have the time to put them in albums to save them.

I learned that gpa Leader built the china hutch that gma's china was stored in.

I learned that Great Uncle D painted the 2 pictures that have hung on the wall of the living room for as long as I can remember.

I learned that there was stuff in the basement that Aunt M can remember moving into the houes, that hasn't moved since that day 50 years ago.

We found the small child's chair, that is in the picture of my gma when she was 1 year old.

I again realized, what a good idea it is to label all pictures while you still remember who the people are, because 100 years from now, people will find those pictures and have no idea who they are and wish they did!

I could go on and on......but I won't :)

I'm heading over to the house again today with dad--so we'll see what stories he can add to the list!

While it is sad to know that gma Leader will never live in that house again, and that we will never gather there for family get-togethers, it is a blessing to know she is doing well and being taken care of. And that she saved all of these treasures for us :)

Busy weekend

We had a busy weekend of 1sts and lots of pictures to document them!

1st--Emily became an omnivore--she had meat for the 1st time, so shredded chicken with rice and carrots, and loved it :)

The other big first of the weekend was Emily is officially able to scoot her way around the room--very well I might add. We can thank Howie the cat for teaching her this---he likes to lay just out of reach and taunt her to come and get him. Usually Howie loves Emily attention and will often seek her out--so the fact that he ran away in the video is odd--but her giggle that follows is too cute to pass up......

1st a picture--

and then a video--

Friday, August 8, 2008

6m appointment.....

As promised-here is an Emily update. We went to the dr for our 6 month visit today. She is 15lbs 2 oz and 25 in long (5 oz of that came from the bottle she ate in the waiting room...) Dr. said everything looked wonderful--gave us the ok to start her on pretty much any table foods other than the high allergens. I'm starting to think that could get pretty overwhelming--I'm not entirely sure where to start now---I think I liked it better when it was simple-fruits or veggies. Now I've got to work in meat, pasta, and such....oh my!
We got just 1 shot today--we'll go back next week for 1 and the following week for the last...then we don't have to get any more shots until 1 year! Woohoo!!!
That's pretty much the story for now......I'll try to come up with something more exciting to blog about soon. And for your viewing pleasure--a lunch time picture.

To keep Martha happy.....

I promise a blog this afternoon/evening after Emily's drs. appt. Lately we've just been enjoying life and hanging out so, as much fun as it is for me, I'm not sure how intriguing it is to write about.