Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring has sprung!

It seems as though spring is just around the corner and we are definitely enjoying the warmer temperatures! Emily's swing is hanging back up and she is constantly going to the door and asking out? out? Once she is out it usually takes a bribe of a bath or Diego time to get her back in. She has recently discovered how to open doors, so we are keeping all doors to the outside locked now, to keep her in!

She has continued to enjoy going to story time at the library with Papa (see artwork below). This weekend Mama and Papa Hilman came to visit and we went to the Children's Museum and had a wonderful time (more pictures below).

We are back in the midst of a speech eval. This time it seems as though she will qualify to receive some services due to her noninterest in speaking understandable English. She loves to talk and throws in some English, but likes her Emilyisms quite a bit still. On the flip side, the children's therapist evaluator said her gross motor skills are definitely not lacking, some of her favorite activities are jumping off of things and climbing. Wrestling with daddy is also way up there! Reading books continues to be a favorite activity, Mama and Papa H. just bought her a pop-up tent that I'm sure she will spend many hours hiding in with her books. She refuses to go to bed without a book and will often be heard reading her stories to doggy before falling asleep.

And now--the pictures--

These are both pieces of art created with Papa's help at story time. Emily enjoys coloring with the markers the best, and makes papa do a lot of the other work!

These were all at the Children's Museum. Emily had a wonderful time playing and painting!

This is just a very random picture, it was the 1st time Emily drank out of a milk carton--such a big girl!