Thursday, September 8, 2016

New transfer

Life has finally calmed down enough to go back and visit our 2 frozen embryos and try to bring one of them home for good. We started this conversation way back in April, when we quickly discovered that my insurance through Galesburg didn't cover anything infertility related. Fortunately I had already accepted a new position for the fall in Knoxville and infertility would be covered. It was a long wait all summer, but we knew it was the logical choice. We made the 1st appt possible with Dr. Figge's office, however it was no longer dr Figge's office. Dr. K is the new dr there and we met with her the first week of Sept. Everything looked good to go to do a FET with my next cd1, which happened to be the following week. We called on cd1 and got the most unexpected news, that cycle period was full, we would have to wait. Unfortunately waiting would put our due date smack dab in the middle of Chuck's busy season, summer. And then comes the start of the school year, also not a great time to try and have a baby, so we opted to wait a couple months. November rolls around and they say we can sneak a cycle in before Christmas, or we would need to wait until Feb. We decided that even though the due date still won't be ideal (early Sept) we would go ahead and go with it. We started our meds Thanksgiving weekend then back to the dr Dec 11 for an u/s and pre-op to make sure everything is doing what it should wasn't. I had a follicle that shouldn't have been there, so they sent me for b/w to see what my progesterone was doing. Fortunately progesterone was where it should be so we had the green light for a transfer on the 18. At this point my biggest worry was the thaw. We only have 2 embies and then we are forever done. The 18 finally gets here and we head off to Iowa city. Our appt wasn't until 11 so we knew we were going to be early, but figured we could waste some time wandering around the mall while we waited. We got to the mall at around 10 and filled the 30 min with wandering and not much else. My stomach was in knots wondering about the thawing, so it was nice to have some distraction   We left there and headed to the hospital. The parking garage was packed but we finally found a spot and made it in with a min to spare! Got checked in quickly and taken back to the procedure room. Still no thaw report, but Chuck does a good job keeping my mind of it by playing with his hat (also referred to as his jellyfish) and other random discussion. Drs come in a little after 1130 with smiles on their faces and I innddiately begin to relax. They thawed 1 embie and it looked great! Transfer was a piece of cake and after a few minutes of bedrest they sent us on our way. After our "traditional" stop at chick fil a for lunch it was home again for family movie night. And now the weight begins.....10 days till the beta.

Test #1 12/23 negative
Test #2 12/25 negative
Beta #1 12/28 39.7
Beta #2 12/30 62
Beta #3 1/4 643.76