Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome baby Shea!

Last week our dear friends Andy and Mattie welcomed their first baby into the world--Shealynn Michelle--we were very excited to go visit them, but worried Emily wouldn't be able to join us because of hospital policies. Luckily nobody seemed concerned and Emily got to meet baby Shea with us! She was a little leary at first but warmed up very quickly and enjoyed giving Shea kisses and making sure she had her stuffed animals at all times!

Emily's artistic side

Emily started preschool in Dec. and with that has discovered an artistic side that Chuck and I aren't really great at fostering--it's a good thing she has Uncle E in her life! Here is a sample of her artwork thus far!

This one was done with Papa at story time at the library--hopefully a new weekly activity for them!

Happy 2nd Birthday Emily!

Emily turned 2 yesterday! We celebrated with family a couple of weeks ago and had a great time! Both sides of the family were here, Great-Gpa and Gma Hilman, Great-Gma G, and Great-Gpa and Gma Kingma were here, as well as Gpa-Gma Leader, and Gpa Hilman. Aunt Kathy, Garrett, Aunt Martha and Uncle Ethan, Great-Aunts and Uncles--Hildy, Dave, Sissy, Doug and Karen, Myrna, Lyle, Ted and Rich and Cousins, Jenna, Lilia and Garrett all came! (I think that was everybody!) Our house was packed but everyone seemed to have a good time--here are some of the pictures from the day!