Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emily's 1st Parent teacher conference

We had Em's 1st parent teacher conference tonight and it went well :) Her teacher described her as an inigma (sp??). She said she absorbs information like crazy, even when it appears as though she isn't paying a lick of attention to what they are doing. She knows all of her letters upper and lower, can count to 18 and knows her numbers to 11! They didn't test her on sounds, but I'm guessing she would have known most of those as well. They said she loves the book center and the science center, especially the magnifying glass, so I think we are going to add some science stuff to her Christmas list. They said she has a great sense of humor and laughs at a lot of things the other kids may not get. Her weak areas are fine motor and following multi-step directions so we are going to work on cutting, writing her name and following 2 and 3 step directions.

Some funny stories--Emily usually naps in the hallway. This is because lately she's not napping and when she does it usually involves talking and singing herself to sleep, which bothers the other kids who are actually napping. Apparently one day Miss Sue sees Emily's head poke around the doorway and Em asks her "Whatcha doin?" to which Miss Sue replies "none of your business". Emily then asks "my business??" and Miss Sue says, "no, my business, you need to be on your cot". Emily says "I am on my cot" Miss Sue comes out in the hallway and sure enough, Em's toes are on her cot :)

Emily is also horribly obsessed with the calendar and weather chart, and everyday wants to be the helper. When I pick her up every night she makes a beeline for the calendar to show me the day. She plays with one of my old calendars in her room nightly and makes me be the student while she plays calendar in the bathtub at night.

One day while playing on the playground some of the girls wouldn't let Em play with them (meanies!) so Em went to tell Miss Sue--here is the conversation that ensued-
Emily-Miss Sue, they won't let me play with them.
Miss Sue-Who won't let you.
Emily-points--them over there.
Miss Sue--What are there names?
Emily--I don't know.
Miss Sue-Yes you do, what are their names.
Emily--Runs over to the girls---hey, what's your name so I can tell on you?"
Girls--Ok you can play with us.

I'm so proud of our little peanut! I can't believe how fast she is growing up!!!