Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The end of summer....

and the beginning of our new adventures. Summer has been crazy to say the least--here is the cliff notes version-

May 25th-Payton Charlotte is born--perfect and beautiful.

June 3-5-Chuck interviews for a job near Nashville, TN (I spend the weekend freaking out trying to figure out how we are going to move to TN if they offer him the job)

June 9th-Chuck interviews for a job in Macomb, IL (I'm much happier about this prospect)

June 9th-We all head to Living Springs Camp for a week of Marked Leadership camp (all means Chuck, Sarah, Em and Payton)

June 14th-Chuck accepts the job in Macomb and is scheduled to start July 1st--meaning we are officially moving to a new house this summer.

June 24th-27th-The girls head to St. Louis for Martha's wedding shower and other wedding preperations.

July 1st-Chuck starts his new job and we start bi-weekly trips to Macomb to get the house ready to move in July 14th.

July 9th-The girls go to Decatur for another shower for Martha.

July 14th-We move to our new house in Macomb.

July 15th-We head to Peoria to meet friends for dinner and find out our wonderful friends dream of parenthood has been fulfilled through adoption.

July 16th-19th-We head to St. Louis again. Chuck continues on to Nashville for training while the girls stay and play with Aunt Martha and Uncle Nick.

July 23-We go back to Geneseo for Payton's dedication and Martha's final shower.

July 24th-Chuck leaves for Nashville again, the girls stay in Geneseo for a few days to get the house ready to sell and take care of some odds and ends.

July 30th-We are all back in Macomb for a few days.

August 4th-We leave for our final trip of the summer and spend 4 days at a Lakehouse near St. Louis with all our friends and their many babies!

Wow--it's even more overwhelming when I put it in list form than it was in my head! Next up, a Payton and Emily update....and then a picture post of our many summer adventures!