Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emily's 5th birthday party interview

I realize I am way behind in blogging and really should do a Christmas post before a birthday post, but sadly it just hasn't happened yet. Someday soon hopefully. But in the meantime here is a snippet from Emily's brain on her 5th birthday-
What was your favorite birthday present? My Little Pony
What is the last thing you were sad about? If somebody hits me
What makes you really happy? When I go down the slide with my friends
What are your thoughts about God? He's special
What is your favorite thing to do? Play ball
What big kid thing would you like to learn to do? To play barbies
What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up? Teacher at school
Who is the last person you kissed? Nina (friend of school)-I kissed her on the cheek

And some memories from your party-
You had lots of school friends come (Ella, Greg, Nina, Griffin, Blaine and Grace). Papa Leader was there, but Gma Leader and Gpa and Gma Hilman were sick :(  Jen Coe and Bethany also came (they are dad's "big kids" from the Foundation)We had the party at the Foundation and blew up lots of balloons for you and your friends to play with. You also danced to music, played musical chairs and decorated cupcakes. Some of your  presents were a barbie, a my little pony, barbie music cd player, stuffed animals, a stamp kit and p.j.'s.

Your actual birthday was on Tuesday and since Payton was sick, Mommy got to walk you to school and pick you up! You got a new Emily shirt to wear and took fruit snacks to share with your friends. At home you got to facetime with Martha and Nick and found out that in a couple of weeks you get to go see Phineas and Ferb in St. Louis! We had mac and cheese and hot dogs for supper with dessert of zebra cakes and ice cream. It was really warm and rainy on your birthday-we broke the record high, it was almost 70!

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