Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy and papas my girls could ask for! Emily's thoughts on daddy and papa Leader--next year we will hopefully be able to add Payton's thoughts as well!

My daddy's name is -Chuck
How old is daddy -31
My daddy is great at -working at the foundation
When my daddy was my age she liked to -read books
My favorite thing to do with daddy is -hide and seek
I love my daddy because -because I love him so much
When daddy is bored he likes to -he cries and picks his nose
Daddy's favorite color is -black
My favorite food daddy makes is -maccaroni

My papa's name is- Papa
How old is papa-5
My papa is great at-babysitting
When my papa was my age he liked to-play with me
My favorite thing to do with papa is-read books and play with grandma and Payton
I love my papa because-I love to play with him
When papa is bored he likes to-plant a garden
Papa's favorite color is-purple
My favorite food papa makes is-grilled cheese

Hopefully next week we will have a full post on our adventures at camp last week.

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