Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We have 2 year old!

Payton turned 2 a little over week ago--it's so hard to believe it's already been 2 years! Here's her 2 year stats:
Weight 27lbs (~50%ile)
Height     (~80%ile)
And other than the last month has been generally healthy and meeting all of her milestones. She continually blows us away with what she can do and what she is willing to try.
She talks up a storm! Some of her favorite phrases are "I do'd it", "Phineas and Ferb please" and "MILK!"  She loves milk like no other and would drink it all day, every day if we let her.

She loves going to school and seeing her friends and we love the fact that her wonderful teacher Miss Susan and Miss Jessica have pretty much potty trained her. She is in undies all day and only wears a diaper at night. She sleeps all night most nights and has been a fabulous sleeper.

She loves her big sister and will do anything Emily does or asks of her. Last night we got home from school and Em sat down on the couch and said "Payton, can you put my shoes away?" and Payton immediately did it! Clearly Em has also figured out how the big sis role is supposed to work :)

Payton's favorite toy is legos, she loves building towers and then knocking them down. She also loves puzzles. During her hospital stay she became very proficient at using the ipad and knows how to find all of her favorites with no help at all. Her current favorite is Wheels on the Bus.

We are super excited to see what the next year of her life brings--although I do hope it slows down just a little!

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